The Georgian Terrace RoofTop

The First or Inaugural “Expressionism Session” took place a the iconic Georgian Terrace Hotel. With an amazing rooftop giving a panoramic view of Atlanta, a full swimming pool and a ambient patio lounge, the hotel provided the perfect location to set the standard of what “Expressionism” is.

@yorichbizzare (Instagram)

@yorichbizzare (Instagram)

Rich had a very rough idea of what he wanted to paint but it wasn’t until the vibe started to kick in that he would official find his groove and vision for the piece he would create. Art is best when its raw. Going solely on the energy of the evening and ambience of the city lights, Rich was able to tap into his true creative.

Greg Nyce told us he knew the first 3 songs he was gonna. He would create a journey that was full of layers and musical colors. What made it cool is with him not knowing what would come next, he was experiencing the music at the same time the guest would.

@djgreg_nyce  @cece_therealest  (Instagram)

@djgreg_nyce @cece_therealest (Instagram)


Once the night was over and the winner was announced, Rich would take the painting home and do some finishing touches to it before we formally presented it to the winner. Check out the reveal video below..

Both Artist took a minute to recap their thoughts regarding the night….